Made by: NIPLOfficial
With help from:
Inspiration: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Terminal is a map set in an airport. It contains numerous low-quality defensive positions and plentiful running paths.

The most obvious defensive position is a headless airplane near the spawn. It can be entered by parkouring onto some crates, then onto the wing of the other airplane, then onto a light, and finally into the airplane itself. This is a relatively easy parkour that humans can bombard with arrows or grenades. once zombies jump onto the plane, there is only a brief opportunity to knock them back off before they put walls behind themselves. Once the airplane begins to be overrun, the only potential escape is to go through the assaulting zombies back to the entrance.

Inside the terminal, next to the escalators, is a defensible platform lined with commercial booths. It is accessed by a simple, easy parkour starting by the top of the escalators. Bows are moderately useful in defending this spot, but all but the most carefully-thrown grenades will bounce harmlessly away from any assaulting zombies. If this area is overrun, it is moderately easy to escape, although the fall will cause some damage to fleeing survivors, and they will find themselves outside, near spawn, and it would be difficult to get back inside without being caught on whichever stairs they try to climb.

Many humans will simply gather in the back of the terminal, as far from spawn as possible. While there's no parkour to protect them, traffic is low and there's much potential for outrunning incoming zombies.