Temple of Time
Made by: TheHappyTooth
With help from:
Temple of Time1
Inspiration: The Legend of Zelda

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Temple of Time is a map with big open areas and not many structures or obstacles. Humans have good camping places, making it very hard to lose. If there are many skeletons, though there is a large risk of dying when camping.

There are three camping places where humans will almost always win. The first one is to the left of the spawn. There is a big staircase leading down into a set of poles with lights (beacons) on them. You can jump on the side of the staircase and via there on the lamps and further on the side of the walls. This is not the hardest parkour, but it can be tricky. If you are on the 'wall balcony,' you're are safe from zombies. Every zombie that tries to get there will need to do the same parkour as you did, making them easy to shoot with a bow. On the other hand, skeletons can also shoot you, so you also want to save your arrows for them.