Slime is one of the newest additions to the mobs, after donations going global and the introduction of the donation rank MVP. The slime has a diamond shovel and a jump boost effect. Once the slime gets a kill, it grows bigger in size and the jump boost affect increases by 1 and this effect stacks this stacked effect is lost if the Slime is either killed or regenerates from its other ability. Alongside with this the slime can regenerate itself, if it gets killed the slime splits into 4 and after 5 seconds regenerates if the slime the player is controlling isn't killed. This effect has no cooldown. It has a leather tunic and leather boots with feather falling IV. 

Play Tactics

The Slime was designed to be able to reach certain spots that would otherwise be impossible to reach for certain zombies, and as a whole be more annoying to individual humans because of it's high jumping ability and regenerate ability, making it quite difficult to kill. 

Skills Recommended:

  • Jumping/Parkour
  • Running

Counter Tactics

When a Slime doesn't have a kill it is fairly weak, it doesn't have as good of a jumping potential however is still can be quite troublesome to deal with. Alongside with one of the worst armour in the game, having less than a private it can get killed easily with a few hits. 


  • Bane of: Campers
  • Hitbox: Medium - Very Big
  • Armour: Very Weak