The rules of MCInfected are listed in the spawn area.

The Rules

No Hacking

Hacking is the use of mods or clients that give an unfair advantage.

Permitted Features Forbidden Features
  • Minimaps (unless they show entities)
  • Zooming in
  • Random textures for blocks or mobs
  • Most graphical alterations
  • Damadge Indicators
  • Entity radar
  • Invincibility
  • Any change to sprinting (Auto Sprint)
  • Spider
  • Forcefield / Aimbot

No Being Out of Map

On some maps, it is possible to leave the part of them map intended to be accessible, either by exploiting glitches, hacking, or, most commonly, being knocked out by an enemy. This is called being out of map, or OOM. It is possible to be accidentally knocked out of map, and so it is not necessarily forbidden to exit map. It is however, required that any human who is OOM must immediately go back in the map, die, or leave the server. Failure to immediately do so usually results in a temporary ban. Humans who remain OOM have the unfair advantage of being unreachable to zombies, and they often collect unearned survivor bonuses, prevent everyone else from enjoying a zombie victory, and raise particular ire from other players.

It is permitted for zombies to remain OOM, although they have no incentive to do so.

No Advertising

Advertising mainly includes giving the IP address of other minecraft servers. It is punished severely, often with a permanent ban. Current features prevent sharing any links replacing it with '<advertising>'.

No Spamming

Flooding the chat with repeated or nonsense messages is spamming. Punishment depends on severity.

Only four repeated / spam-like messages can be reported. 

No Cookie Farming

Cookie farming is circumventing the idle-kick system to remain online while AFK, thus receiving undeserved cookies from spread bonuses and zombie victories. The first offense usually results in a kick, although enough offenses can lead to a permanent ban.

Respect Staff

Disrespecting moderators or other staff usually results in a temporary ban.

No Duping

Duping is widespread-known glitch, that is broken often. When a moderator is present, duping results in a kick. When there are no moderators online however, duping results in a tempban, depending on how much times a player dupes. Typically, they are about 24 hours, then can eventually turn into a permanent ban, if continued.

No Racism and Swearing

With the new swearing filter, it's not possible to swear. However if you bypass it, nothing will be done. In the future, there will be a punishment for bypassing the filter. Racism is not allowed, this usually leads to a 24 hour tempban, but if done a few more times, however will result in a permanent ban.