Rules violated result in different punishments depending on severity and frequency done.

Chat Violations

Typically chat violations aren't punished severely unless they are offense instead of annoy.


Spam is considered 4 lines of text from the same person. Usually isn't treated really seriously, which typically result in a 12-24 tempban.


Advertising is treated very seriously and can result from a 24 hour - permanent ban. Typically players ranked 5 or below are permanently banned.

Racism or any other type of heavy harassment

At first, these violations lead to a 24-48 hour tempban. If continued however, you could get permanently banned.

Game Violations

Gaming Violations can vary depending on what the player does.


When a mod is present, a kick. But if it is reported of forums, a 12 hour tempban. The more you dupe, the longer time increases.


Being OOM result in a 24 hour tempban. This includes swimming and if you get OOM to much, you could be accused for spider and be permanently banned.


Permeant ban, no exceptions

Making Ban appeals

If you do get permanently banned (not tempbanned), you can apply for unban. You have three chances and must follow template. Failure to follow template will result in automatic denial and once your appeal has been rejected 3 times, you are not valid to making more appeals

Chances of unban

Offense Likelihood
Any Chat Violation Good chance, unless you have been known to violate rules on forums/server/mumble
Hacking Very Low chances of Unban, unless proof doesn't look solid