Once reaching rank 20 (Commander) it is possible to use the command "/prestige". A commander must earn another 5,000 cookies to be able to use the "/prestige" command. The "/prestige" command causes the player using the action to return to rank 1 (Private), lose all cookies, and receive one prestige token.

Prestige tokens are a very valuable type of currency. They can only be used in the prestige shop to buy prestige perks. Prestige tokens can be spent on prestige perks using the "/prestigeshop" command, or "/pshop".

When summing up how much each prestige token costs in cookies, each prestige token counts as 24,400 cookies. There are 19 different prestige perks, and to get every one of them it costs 44 prestige tokens. In other words, it takes 1,073,600 cookies to get all the prestige perks.

Prestige Perks

All prestige perks listed here. Some cost 1 prestige token, while others cost 2. Some perks can be upgraded to pro versions using cake tokens.

ID Name Cost Use Official Description Notes
1 Final Stand

2 prestige tokens

Human only You respawn as a human and get all the basic gears when you got infected in the first minute of the game (full leather armor, 1 stone sword) Final Stand actually works like this: If you die before the 90 second mark, you respawn. Not within the first minute.
2 Throwing Knives 1 prestige token Human only You get 2 throwing knives in every game (deals 8 hearts of damage for each shot) Receive two throwing knives (they look like tripwire hooks) every game. Each throwing knife can only be used once, but deal eight hearts of damage, not counting armor.
3 Hardline 1 prestige token For humans and zombies Killstreak rewards require 1 less kill Any killstreak requirement costs one fewer kill.
4 Knockback 1 prestige token Human only Get a Knockback I enchantment on your sword when you are a human Receive a Knockback I enchantment on your sword. (Knockback II is available by obtaining the "Knockback Pro" reward from the Pshop)
5 Feather Falling 2 prestige tokens Human only Get Feather Falling IV enchantment on your boots Receive a Feather Falling IV enchantment on your boots.
6 zPower 2 prestige tokens Zombie only Deal a half more heart of damage to humans when you are an infected Spawn with a stronger sword as mobs. If you had a Wood sword, you will now get a Stone sword, if you had a stone sword (Enderman) You will now get an iron sword. This applies to all donor classes. This does not apply to Mother Zombie. 
7 Scavenger 2 prestige tokens Human only Have a chance to scavenge items after killing an infected Have a better chance of scavenging items from killing zombies. The items include melons, apples, splash potion of healing, arrows, flash grenades, sticky grenades, and golden apples. 
8 Blast Shield 1 prestige token For humans and zombies Protects/decreases the duration of the grenade effects Makes grenade effects last for 5 seconds, makes frag grenades deal 2.5 hearts of damage rather than 5, and makes fire grenades deal 0.5 hearts of damage rather than 1.5. You receive Prjectile Protection 2 on your chestplate when you purchase Blast shield pro from the Ashop.
9 Demolitionist 1 prestige token Human only Spawns with a random grenade every human life Grenades can be useful for knocking out larger groups of zombies. The grenades include shock charges (which are only obtainable via tthis perk), sticky, flash, fire, and frag grenades.
10 Juggernaut 2 prestige tokens. For humans and zombies Get a chain chestplate as a human and a leggings upgrade on every zombie kit You spawn with a chain chestplate as human as long as you don't have iron. Zombies get a leggings upgrade, with the default zombie kit, they get iron leggings instead of chain.
11 Double Tap 2 prestige tokens. For humans only. Shoot two arrows everytime without costing you more arrows. Shoot two arrows for the price of one.

Prestige Symbols

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You can find all of them on this website.

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