Recently this game mode was revived and brought back by a server named Minecraft Infected. You can connect to the server at

MCInfected is a zombie survival server inspired by the Modern Warfare 3 infected mode. This unique Minecraft server is all handled by plugins custom coded by Supertt007, not found on any other servers.

The rules of MCInfected are simple and easy, just like MW3 infected mode. When the game begins you have a minute to hide or get to a defensible position. If you are one of the few that become a mother zombie, you have to infect as many humans as you can. If you are a human, you should avoid zombies and survive for as long as possible. If you survive for 4 minutes you win the game. If you are a zombie, try to infect all the humans so the zombies win the game. There are also shops which sell items and ranks to assist you.

Due to various reason and other factors, the server has been shut down as of August 2014. In hindsight however, this wiki will still be kept up and preserved however no further updates or edits should be made.

Important Pages
  • No hacking (Smart Moving, Hacked clients etc.)
  • No going out of map or being in unreachable places
  • No spamming
  • No advertising
  • No cheating
  • Respect Staff

Current Server:

Server IP:

Old Server:


as of November 2014

has been shut down.

The website of


can be found at:

Supertt007: The creator of the server and a cool guy that coded everything.
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