A classic Babyzombie

Baby Zombie is one of the more recent mobs that was introduced when donation ranks were global and is for MVP rank. It has a Gold Axe with sharpness I. It also has speed II and weakness effects. 

Play Tactics

Baby Zombie was designed to be a quick moving mob that is able to run around humans and deal damage and be difficult to hit in general because it is quick moving and has the smallest hitbox in the game excluding when the slime is regenerating. It can take on humans easily and can run in and out of groups of humans and is really strong against individual humans as well. 

Skills Recommended:

  • Running
  • Axe-Combat

Counter TacticsEdit

The baby zombie has abysmal damage, however strength I cancels out the weakness effect essentially. It has extremely weak armour, so it can be taken out, often you want to aim towards the ground a bit in order to hit it and aim slightly ahead of where it is running in order to get hits off. 


  • Bane of: Groups
  • Hitbox: Very Small
  • Armour: Weak